FROM:  Bob Lane, Executive Director
TO:  Residents of New Albany Housing Authority Public Housing Homes
RE:  March 6, 2017 News and Tribune Article “Paradigm Shift in Public Housing“

On Monday, March 6, 2017 the Tribune published an article regarding the City of New Albany’s plans for public housing.  The City’s proposed plan has NOT been adopted by the NAHA Board of Commissioners as of this date.

In 2011 NAHA developed a plan to reduce the number of public housing units at Parkview and Broadmeade Terrace neighborhoods and reconnect to the City’s street grid.  This plan was presented to City Officials on January 27, 2012.   Much of what the City hopes for had been in the agency plans that have been discussed in NAHA’s Five‐Year and Annual Plan meetings with City Officials and NAHA residents since that time.

What is important for you, as a NAHA resident, to know?

1. Your home is not affected by any plan at this time.  NAHA must hold tenant meetings BEFORE we can submit any changes to public housing.  This includes application for demolition or conversion of properties to project based Section 8.  We must allow time for public and resident comments and respond to those comments.

2. In order to proceed with any major changes to NAHA, the agency must publish a change to its Five‐Year Plan, advertise the changes to the Plan, hold public meetings with the residents where they may offer comments, and finally, the Board of Commissioners must have a public meeting to take into consideration resident comments and respond to those comments before any changes can be proposed to HUD.

3. NAHA must have a detailed plan to demolish or convert ANY public housing homes.  This includes bringing in engineers to review the physical condition of the buildings at all neighborhoods.  NAHA has not requested or received HUD approval to demolish any units other than the 44 units recently demolished at Broadmeade.

We have completed this type of assessment at the following sites:

    • Crystal Court – Converted to Project Based Section 8 –July 1, 2016 without demolition of any units
    • Valley View   ‐ Converted to Project Based Section 8 – July 1, 2016 without demolition of any units
    • Broadmeade Terrace‐ Partial conversion and demolition.  NAHA had worked with all those residents affected by the conversion, relocation, and demolition since 2013.  NAHA began the process on advising residents 2 full years before NAHA actually assisted residents in moving from their homes. At that time we met with residents in groups and closer to the time of relocation, we met with residents individually at least twice to insure they understood the process.  NAHA demolished 44 units of public housing 4 years after the formal process began.

Currently in progress:

    • Mark Elrod Towers – Based on a physical needs assessment conducted by a nationally recognized independent engineering firm, repairs are being completed at present, anticipate converting to Project Based Section 8 in July 2017 without any reduction in the number of units.
    • Riverside Terrace – Based on physical needs assessment conducted by a nationally recognized independent engineering firm, no critical or first‐year repairs are required, a small number of units are undergoing further air quality testing at present, and we anticipate converting to Project Based Section 8 in July 2017 without any reduction in the number of units.
    • Riverview Towers – Application for RAD April 1, 2017.   We will be doing a physical needs assessment of this property in Spring 2017.

4. At present NAHA does not have a board approved plan for further action beyond the 2017‐2018 Strategic Plan which briefly restated said:

NAHA proposes we assess the physical condition of Parkview‐Broadmeade, Vance Court, Beechwood, and Parkview Towers neighborhoods for either conversion to Project Based Section 8 under RAD or possible application under Section 18 which would allow for demolition of public housing units.  Independent contractors would be performing these assessments.

Please do not consider any moves from your home at this time.  If such a move would be necessary you could be entitled to some type of relocation assistance based on each individual household’s preferences and circumstances.

Once again, any action by NAHA at the direction of the Board of Commissioners requires us to involve NAHA residents before, during and after the process.   

NAHA will continue to update all NAHA residents. If the Board of Commissioners approves a new direction for the NAHA, we will update all residents.

If you have questions regarding this information please email Bob Lane, Executive Director, New Albany Housing Authority at