NAHA Neighborhood Newsletter

This article is dedicated to the memory of Rocky Hubbard who passed away on August 1, 2012. Rocky was a Boxer but was no ordinary dog.  He was the loving companion of long time NAHA employee, Debbie Hubbard and part of the NAHA family.  I will miss hearing about Rocky’s adventures. His memorable moments will be greatly missed but never forgotten. With Rocky in mind, let’s review some key points of the New Albany Housing Authority Pet Policy Rules and Regulations.

The New Albany Housing Authority allows for ownership of common household pets, defined as cats, dogs, goldfish or tropical fish and caged birds. No other type pets are allowed.

All cats or dogs residing in NAHA homes must have a New Albany Housing Authority pet tag. The pet tag is considered the authorization to have a cat or dog.

Residents must complete the Pet Application/Agreement prior to obtaining pet tags for a cat or dog. All pets must be on a hand held leash of no more than 10 feet in length while in common areas or grounds of the New Albany Housing Authority. All pet owners must maintain the pet label on the front door of their home in order to give notice to maintenance workers that a pet resides in the home.

All pet owners must pay a Pet Security Deposit of $100 as well as a pet fee of $15.00 per month. All pet waste must be disposed of properly; placed in a plastic bag, tied securely and placed in a waste container.

No animal may exceed 25 pounds in weight at its projected full adult size. Any dog must be housebroken, neutered or spayed and any cat must be litter-trained, neutered or spayed.

Any animal deemed to be potentially harmful to the health and/or safety of others, including, but not limited to attack or fight trained dogs, will not be allowed. No Rottweiler, Chow, Doberman Pinschers and Pit Bull dogs, mix of their breeds are allowed on NAHA properties. No Reptiles or Rodents are allowed on NAHA properties.

Any odors, obvious damage, or failure to dispose of waste will result in inspection of the pet owner’s home. This includes odors from waste, improper storage of waste, pet bedding, or unclean pets.

Except for certified assistance animals no visiting pets or pet sitting is allowed. Any animal who displays aggressive behavior to other residents, NAHA employees, or pet owners will be evicted. All terms of the Housing Authority Pet Policy, Pet Application/Agreement and local laws and regulations apply.

RIP Rockster!!